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Diana Stimmler Winkler: Blog

We are going to France!

Posted on September 19, 2016

Hello, everyone!

I know that I have been too busy making music to do any blog posts, so I am going to let you know about an exciting trip coming up this week. I have been planning on visiting my sister in Paris for many years. Life happens. Between job loss, lack of funds, time off from a new job, buying a new house, getting sick, France has been on the back burner. Until now! We will be in my hometown Philadelphia for a couple of days. The we have a layover in Warsaw, Poland for a day. We will be in Paris for a week, visiting my sister, and a few of my friends. As you can see on the schedule, we will be able to get in a few performances while we are over there. One of my Bible college teachers, Bill Hansen, is a Pastor in Maisons-Lafitte, which is outside of Paris. We will be spending a day with him and his church, while Brian and I perform some music for them.

After visiting all the famous sites in Paris, we are off to Normandy. I have a late Uncle who fought on Omaha Beach during WWII, so we will be going to the D-Day Beaches to pay our respects. Perhaps you have a loved one that served that we could visit for you? We will be staying with a French family in Rouen nearby. Rouen is famous for Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake because of her visions from God. We will be performing some music for our host family and friends.

Our last leg of the trip is in Avignon, in the south of France. We will be staying with another French family who are also musicians. We will be performing some music together hopefully during our stay. There are palaces and lovely, fragrant lavender fields to visit! 

We will give you an update on how everything goes and what fun sites we saw!